MAY BIRTHSTONE Shining Crystal Emerald Necklace

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Awesome One-of-a-Kind May Birthstone Crystal Emerald Necklace is comprising natural flat Banded Agate Beads inter-spaced with Brass enhancers, suspending an African Brass Mask on a circular Disc.Unique and Fabulous as You are!

The melding of vintage chic and modern glam rocks, creating show stoppers! 

This May Birthstone Crystal Emerald Necklace is designed to sit gently nestled at your collarbone.

Early civilizations used eye beads to protect them from evil and bring good luck. They created eye beads by carving a hole through an agate disc.The outer surface of an agate is rough, pitted and ugly.

It masks the beauty of the crystal inside. However, the crust is weak and somewhat fragile and over centuries it is washed away allowing the gemstone to be discovered along rivers and streams.

May Birthstone Crystal Emerald Necklace Benefits:

  • have a detoxifying effect on the liver
  • can alleviate your diabetes and rheumatism
  • guard you against danger
  • to cure your insomnia
  • ensure you pleasant dreams
  • it attracts you good fortune
  • increases good fortune and promotes goodwill
  • it will aid in overcoming your flaws, fears, and loneliness
  • remove curses and spells
  • helps you to eliminate bad luck
  • it has a calming effect during times of stress
  • gives you gives a sense of strength and courage
  • helps you stimulate fertility
  • advantageous in relieving bone marrow ailments and allergies
  • helps you enhance creativity

May Birthstone