March Birthstone Big Gem Aquamarine Pendant

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Big Gem Aquamarine Pendant - March Birthstone 

These adorable earrings are the happy medium between sexy and sassy.A fabulous way to add some subtle glamour and edge to your everyday or evening look.Delicate Aquamarine pendants encrusted with luxurious gems in a sterling silver setting is superbly done to adorn lovely Ladies at night.

Roman physicians employed it to treat overeating, believing it to aid digestion and reduction of body fluid retention. Because of its properties of purification, Roman craftsmen made goblets of Aquamarine

Big Gem Aquamarine Pendant Benefits:

  • it can increase your intelligence
  • it can make you youthful
  • it is an effective treatment for you anxiety
  • it woul also reduce the effect of poisons
  • it can make you safe and prevent your seasickness
  • It can heal respiratory conditions & chronic allergies. 
  • It harmonizes the pituitary and thyroid glands 
  • Regulating hormones and growth.
  • It is beneficial for teeth and gum problems

March Birthstone