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Our very pretty and sophisticated pearl strand necklace is a classic piece of pearl jewelry with a twist of colors you will love.

The June Birthstone Pearl Necklace and Pendant iridescent hues range from light, silvery grey to deep iridescent grey to seafoam green in our 8mm south sea shell pearls, and together combine for a beautiful contrast that will compliment virtually any ensemble. It will work beautifully as a piece of bridal pearl jewelry, especially when worn with a white or off white dress.

The June Birthstone Pearl Necklace and Pendant are at the forefront of fashion nowadays and are a stunning alternative to more traditional white pearl jewelry. The June Birthstone Pearl Necklace and Pendant  adds a secure finishing touch to our faux pearl necklace. 

Pearls suggest chastity, modesty and stable marriage relationships. They have long been a symbol of purity. Cultured or freshwater pearls are considered to offer the power of love, money, protection, and luck. Pearls are thought to give wisdom through experience, to quicken the laws of karma and to cement engagements and love relationships. They are thought to keep children safe.

June Birthstone