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This eye-catching July Birthstone Ruby Red Ring is set with a distincitve checkerboard cut gemstone in sterling silver and faux ruby. The stone used for the "faux ruby" is silimanite dyed a ruby red.

Absolutely beautiful, this July Birthstone Ruby Red Ring features stones and a matching wedding band are both encrusted with round stones. Completing the look with ruby center stone gleams atop the engagement ring. You won't get better than this at any of our competitors

It was worn as an amulet or charm to ward off plague and pestilence, warned its wearer of impending danger, kept the body safe, and banished sadness and foolish thoughts.

July Birthstone Ruby Red Ring Benefits:

  • it is your talisman of passion, protection and prosperity
  • it initiates your sensual pleasures of life
  • it stirs your blood and stimulates the heart
  • It increases your desire and sexual energy

July Birthstone- Ruby

The red July birthstone, The Ruby, was long accorded a lofty position in the order of gems by the ancient Hindus. It was christened the