April Birthstone Big Dipper Four-Prong Diamond Earring

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Big Dipper Four-Prong Diamond Earring - April Birthstone 

These Vertical Cuff Earrings resemble delicate lightning bolts, with their angular silhouette crafted in 18ct white gold. For pierced ears, these earrings sit along the surface of the earlobe, and sparkle with baguette-cut diamonds, showcase cascading sparkle. Turn heads with these show-stopper Big Dipper Four-Prong Diamond Earring. Bohemian chic extravaganza! Wear with kaftans and beach wear or just a simple white t-shirt and jeans.

Big Dipper Four-Prong Diamond Earring Benefits:

  • improves your physical and mental health
  • prevent any sexual diseases
  • increases  your stamina
  • helps in improving your marital life
  • it enhances your inner vision and stimulates creativity
  • it has the ability to cure constipation
  • it will help you make beautiful memories

April Birthstone